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- the richest & most industrialized Nation at one time, systematically destroyed by occupying forces. Economic resilience essential for spiritual vibrance. May we build back Bharat’s economic strength, in turn the spiritual richness, as a gift to Humanity. -Sg

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Wow, India showing the way on real antitrust. @doctorow@twitter.com

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Way to go, India! 👏

Societies need competitive markets. Looking towards US/UK for best practices stopped being useful about 15 years ago.


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Don't want a cookie? Delete it from your browser. But also send one with each of your request. @tatasteelchess@twitter.com website doesn't give you an annoying cookie popup. It gives you this badass message instead.

Anyone make chairs designed to sit cross legged in India?

RBI card tokenisation solves this?

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this should be illegal, right? if you can't keep your customers without resorting to this kind of shenanigan you don't deserve your customers. (…ADOBE)

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Just spoke with @FedExIndia@twitter.com, turns out its a massive fraud by some people to intimidate and extort people by first recording their details and then saying that an illegal shipment is stuck in customs. Very elaborate call with automated holding tune that impersonates @FedEx@twitter.com

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This happened to me as well. They even transferred my call to a 'Cyber crime cell'. Someone even sent me a fake police id from the cyber crime division over WhatsaApp. @Cyberdost@twitter.com

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Got a call from @FedEx@twitter.com @FedExIndia@twitter.com that my parcel from Mumbai to Taiwan has been returned. I never made such a parcel to begin with. My personal details are on the parcel (name + phone number). The phone cutt off & haven't been able to reach. Ideas on dealing with impersonation?

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Green cover- in the form of tree-based agriculture & cover crops- will make organically richer soil a sponge for atmospheric carbon. Will lessen carbon load on oceans, keeping both land & marine biodiversity alive & thriving. , save oceans. -Sg theguardian.com/environment/20.

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Why is 502 'BAD_GATEWAY' and not 'BAD_DESTINATION'?

If I had to pick my API or the database to enforce data security I'd trust the database! Wasn't SQL designed so that "ordinary folks could walk up and use it"? learnsql.com/blog/history-of-s

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Guess I'm one of the new age devs. I believe exposing databases to the world would actually make things more secure. When was the last time a SQL database returned data to an unauthorised user? Writing APIs is a redundant exercise. Paradigm being explored by @SurrealDB@twitter.com

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Directly exposing database to internet, even if with insane level of security, is a security and data breach time bomb...

but new age devs love it.

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Hello twitter,
I suffered from severe hemoptysis few weeks back.

Transplant is the only option left now.

I’m raising funds for my heart-lung transplant surgery 🫁. Enrolled myself on the crowdfunding platform.

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Wonderful initiative to popularize this highly resourceful & resilient crop with immense nutritional value- for People & Planet. Millet cultivation among the best ways to in arid regions; water-efficient & soil friendly; can greatly enhance food & water security. -Sg twitter.com/FAO/status/1609482

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It's Jan 2 and someone has already tweeted about UPI shattering all records.

The past few weeks I've been wondering why don't we write DB queries straight from the browser. @SurrealDB@twitter.com is the fastest growing DB of all time. Looking forward to this new paradigm.

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surrealdb: A scalable, distributed, collaborative, document-graph database, for the realtime web ★16529 github.com/surrealdb/surrealdb

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Found an incredibly useful app for finding people to follow on Mastodon. It crawls your social graph then finds the people who your followers follow the most that you don't follow.


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On the internet everyone knows you're a bot.

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I had a gut feeling but now I proved it:

People now have A.I. bots running that use ChatGPT to automatically reply to people's tweets 🤯 twitter.com/pragyanatvade/stat

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Should I step down as head of Twitter? I will abide by the results of this poll.

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