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“dave mcguy wrote 146 articles about startups” did you count them all by hand bro. did you put them in a spreadsheet. where did you learn to talk like this

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people who tweet “here are N things that will help you with Y” threads and people who @savetonotion@twitter.com all over the replies truly deserve each other. a match made in heaven

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8000000000! Water, , pollution or biodiversity loss, the fundamental issue is we are too many. To reduce the human footprint, just as we took charge of postponing death, we must postpone birth. -Sg

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So what percentage of Twitter accounts are bots? @elonmusk@twitter.com

₹35 for one month followed by 130/month has to be one of the worst @darkpatterns@twitter.com @google@twitter.com

Happy Birthday @wikidata@twitter.com! We're only getting started with the era of open canonical knowledge bases.

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Today it's ten years since Wikidata had launched, October 29, 2012.

A few memories. 1/

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That was fast

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We’re pleased to introduce Make-A-Video, our latest in research! With just a few words, this state-of-the-art AI system generates high-quality videos from text prompts.

Have an idea you want to see? Reply w/ your prompt using and we’ll share more results.

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If this isn't you apply to @AntlerIndia@twitter.com residency.

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The universe is your co-founder.

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Invitation to argue over the semantics.

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Taxonomy appears to be about categories/folders/hierarchies, while ontology appears to be about labels/tags/properties


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To find things easily online we ought to start with organising it better. Here's my take on how we could go about it and my latest project.

Just apply. You're welcome.

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The @antlerindia@twitter.com Residency is open for action for its second cohort but before that here’s a quick insider pov on how things unfolded when 70+ India’s best founders came together to find a co-founder and build.

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Most large Indian cities weren't built in a way to handle as many people living in them today. Disasters are bound to continue. The only real solution is to have many smaller cities with their own economies.

Over 50% of our team now live there; a silver lining from Covid. 1/5

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Be so good your opponents think you cheated. @HansMokeNiemann@twitter.com

Thrilled to see that my small little twitter tool is making people self-aware of their political bubbles on twitter. :D

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Посмотрите на мой один большой сгруппированный твиттерский пузырь


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So @amazon@twitter.com can essentially brick any of your echo devices with a single click and you wouldn't know.

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TIL that @amazon@twitter.com can block your brand new Echo Dot remotely and it'll perpetually fail to register. Got to know this from their stellar customer support. They'll now send a brand new device but can't unblock it. Perils of IoT!

TAM for all software eventually.

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New blog post: "Time Till Open Source Alternative" 📬

"In the future, all software will be open source, and no one will make money with software."

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This is the future of learning I'm excited about!

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More than 3 million Indians visit Goa every year 🏖️

A lot of them especially the GenZs and millennials want more to happen in their trips

The Goa vacation changes from today & it's on us 😍

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