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Imagine if humans could magically convert scarce physical matter (any element) into infinitely abundant resources? πŸ€”

That’s exactly what open source does to proprietary digital technology. βœ…

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Love the code specific search experience of @YouSearchEngine@twitter.com.

Also try @elicitorg@twitter.com for your research papers.

Make that 100% πŸ’ͺ

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after I bought the domain name and built 95% of the side project before working out no one wanted it

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I'm so thrilled that India is taking the lead in showing the world that protocol >> platform

Account Aggregator Framework

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Volume up 🎚!

The biggest patriotic song of the year, the HAR GHAR TIRANGA Anthem, OUT NOW!! An ode to the strength & grace of our Tiranga, this song is going to rekindle in you a sense of pride & love for the nation. (1/2)

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My lovely network.

I am looking to connect with folks in consumer/user psychology, consumer engagement and/or gamification.

Also folks studying/working in the ONDC space.

Looking for gyaan.

Besides good Karma accrued, I can also promise good beer/coffee and conversation.

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Received this fascinating excerpt from the Journal of Scientific Shitposting

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To Be or Not to Be B2B @AntlerIndia@twitter.com

TFW you pay β‚Ή1 for a matchbox via UPI because you have β‚Ή0 in coins. Shopkeeper saluted me when I showed him the transaction.

Personalised search engine vouched by our social network. Who's building? Who wants to build?

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personal search engine that knows ur friends, e.g. "sandwich recipes that billy would send me"

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Farewell Dolly!

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"After a glorious hillhacks 2022 reboot, we'd like to take a moment to remember Dolly Goyal, who left us to take hacking to the next life. You are dearly missed, Dolly! ❀️"


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Note to self: Don't publicly praise a product till the pricing is out! 🀫🀐😬

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GitHub Copilot helps you get better focus and build faster by instantly suggesting codeβ€”and is now available for developers everywhere.


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May this wonderful global solidarity for Soil ignite our Hearts with Love & Reverence for that which is the Source of all Life on this planet. Let us demonstrate to our children that this Love is never a burden but a Profound Privilege. . Let’s make it happen. -Sg

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By 2030 nearly 3.5 billion people could be water-stressed and over a billion forced to migrate. Together with @UNCCD@twitter.com we’re working to raise awareness and bring about policy change β€” message from @SadhguruJV@twitter.com for Desertification and Drought Day

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